Tuesday, March 10, 2009

* HI *

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Welcome to my blog. I hope this is the beginning of something good. This isn't my first one. I have one on myspace, but I haven't used it in a while, and I thought this is healthy for me. It's like backyard wrestling and then you decide to go to a school. I've wanted a place to display my creativity and my nitpickiness about comic books, wrestling, and action figures, as well as talk about my acting career and my life in Los Angeles in general. A lot of my friends back home wonder what the hell happened to me since I moved away and now they can keep up.

This blog is very unfocused. Sometimes, I'll get profound (or my version of it), and I'll post something more personal. Other times, an action figure will rear their plastic heads and I'll be all like, "Why is Teela's ass so flat? Will she have red boots?" So ... yeah. This blog is mostly for me, but public enough for all of you. So I hope you enjoy it. Maybe I'll stick around, or maybe this blog will be dead in a week. I have no clue. So join me. Or not.

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