Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yeah I'm sick. But literally. I went to google an image for "Sick" and this image came up, and I felt it was wrong in a "" kind of way, so I figured I may as well put it here. People will laugh. I was a HUGE Chris Benoit fan though.

Anyhoo, it stinks being sick and working sick with no insurance. Damn sore throat. Maybe if I was Canadian, I'd be better by now. So Chris Benoit could actually laugh at my predicament, if he wasn't, y'know... dead.

Poor Benoit family. Poor me being sick. On the good side oif things, I worked for about 45 minutes in my house the other day and made 100 bucks! Not only that, but I have an opportunity to make ANOTHER 100 bucks! My poor ass is dancing (sick).

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