Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Kelsey, I don't remember if you like this picture. I do, so don't kill me for putting this here.

Part of my blog is to give shout-outs to important people - those who were there for me when I asked them to be there, and especially those who were there when I didn't ask. Kelsey is one of those. She's only 21 and she's seen so much is her life. She's probably ten times more mature than I am, and yet she incredibly childlike. She's been burdened so much and I've only seen that kind of strength she has in one other woman; my own mom.

Speaking of, she recently lost her mom. It's hard to lose a parent. She's just the nicest girl and she's going to bounce back from this, just like she's come back fighting from everything else, and I'm proud to say she's my friend (and my inaugural friend entry).

So for both of you reading my blog LOL, throw some prayers and positive energy Kelsey's way. I'm sure she'll take money, too. We're all so broke. :-)

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