Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm a Twin

Yeah a lot of people seem surprised at work about this, much more than I thought. This is a huge "duh" to other people, but.... yes, I'm a twin. I have lots of twin friends. Two of my best twin friends, Gary & Larry Lane named my blog. I call it "Augie reflects" because my brother is my mirror twin, and this blog is to post about things I'm reflecting on, so blah blah, you get it. Being a twin has it's ups and downs, but way more ups. he's my best friend, and hopefully financial backer (HA!) Just kidding. Man, I need to win the lottery.

Oh and for those keeping score, I'm the one in the Batman shirt. Do we look alike? I don't think so, but people confuse the crap out of us. Now Gary & Larry? I still get confused.

He's in LA this week, and I'm flying back to CT next week. Good times! I can't wait to see my brother, mom and dad. I miss them a lot.

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