Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DC Universe Classics 2012 WISHLIST: WAVE 24

I always wanted a Doctor Psycho figure. Mattel introduced a 3-pack in the Green Lantern line and I now see an avenue to get a plastic version of this creepy little bastard. I'm pleasantly chcked how many Wonder Woman characters we got in DCUC. I still need Hippolyta, Steve Trevor, Dr. Psycho, Circe, Dr. Cyber, Angle Man, and Silver Swan for me to truly be ok (until I get greedier), but I am shocked at some of the great C and D-listers we got. Could use more.

DC Universe Classics 2012 WISHLIST: WAVE 23

This is arguably my brother's favorite assortment. He's been the biggest Batman fan in my life. He's been wanting the Four Horsemen to sculpt Robin in his Tim Drake incarnation, and Poison Ivy is the number 1 Bat-villain not done. I'd love for them to get a Super Powers Mr. Freeze going sooner than later. Ah well, any of these would be awesome. Now I want a Batmobile. And Forever People. Dammit.

DC Universe Classics 2012 WISHLIST: WAVE 22

This assortment would make so many people happy. Although wave 2 Aquaman is damn near perfect, I still want to lose the gold collar, fix the belt buckle and give him the Super Powers trident. Ocean Master and Mera are long overdue. Call me crazy, but I want the Fisherman now. Catman and Swamp Thing are also driving fwooshers nuts online. Mattel is either cranking these out too slowly or DC Comics have so many great characters. I think it's the latter.

DC Universe Classics 2012 WISHLIST: WAVE 21

Wave 21 looks great. This is NOT an actual list, just what I want. Proud of my choices. I added an A-Lister with double knees and elbows and some proper colors where necessary. And what is up with the lack of female figures? We should've had Elasti-Girl and Platinum by now, right?

DC Universe Classics 2012 WISHLIST: WAVE 20

2011 is coming up and I finished all the 2011 figures, so time to wishlist my 2012 wants. I hope some of these come to fruition. Fingers crossed. This is my wave 20. Throw in Jay Garrick for kicks. :)

GOT a New Computer!

Kind of old by now. As old as my lack of employment. Sorry I haven't kept up on this considering no one follows my blog, except maybe Paul, but I'm been unemployed on and off since May. I don't miss BJ's but still kinda of burned on how things went down at Hugo's (complete political bullshit). Still, I needed to make sure I was acting and auditions are still coming in, which is great.

On the toy front, I got to give input for weaponry on a MOTUC character! And even though it's technically Princess of Power related, it wasn't the one I was expecting. ;)

I have to give a huge thanks to the Four Horsemen and Sideshow Collectibles for keep the fanboy in me happy with freelance work. Getting to work on toys is a huge dream it's my career path right now.

Speaking of, I should make some phone calls (Bandai?)...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I can't seem to post without Firefox failing when I try to add an image... I need a new computer.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

That was fast

I really didn't mean to miss my post on January 2nd. Typically I'm free-ish, but got rocked bartending. It was My friends, Thor & Faith's wedding anniversary and my friend Mike birthday. I normally brag about my church out here but got tired at work, plus little sleep. I was dead at Mass. Anyway, back to the grind tomorrow. Ah well.

I need another job. You hear me, God?

Friday, January 1, 2010


I knew I would fall off the wagon.

My goal (not a resolution) this year is to keep post once a day for the whole year and really stay on top my my acting writing, and fitness. 2010 is going to be amazing, but only if I am present. I never thought I'd be looking forward to hard work. But I'm debt free and ready to get it done this year. Good friends. Better family. Maybe a better job, too.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!