Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GOT a New Computer!

Kind of old by now. As old as my lack of employment. Sorry I haven't kept up on this considering no one follows my blog, except maybe Paul, but I'm been unemployed on and off since May. I don't miss BJ's but still kinda of burned on how things went down at Hugo's (complete political bullshit). Still, I needed to make sure I was acting and auditions are still coming in, which is great.

On the toy front, I got to give input for weaponry on a MOTUC character! And even though it's technically Princess of Power related, it wasn't the one I was expecting. ;)

I have to give a huge thanks to the Four Horsemen and Sideshow Collectibles for keep the fanboy in me happy with freelance work. Getting to work on toys is a huge dream it's my career path right now.

Speaking of, I should make some phone calls (Bandai?)...

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